Trellidor has always used new technology to make sure our Trellidor sliding security gate locks are the strongest available.  And our new-generation locks are the strongest ever.



These sliding security gates have been best sellers for over 45 years. The have a robust double trellis design that opens and closes smoothly. Trellidor customers can choose between steel or aluminum.

High Quality, Traditional Security

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Trellidor security gate locks are strong designs that are fitted using specialist tools. These tools are not easily available at hardware stores, which is one of the safety features built into Trellidor gates. You need to call in your local authorised Trellidor supplier to fix the locks for you.

How to fix a Trellidor security
 gate lock?

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Retractable security products are available in dead lock with one computer-cut key that locks several internal locking points at the same time and the lock is protected by a cover.

Robust & Reliable

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The lock on a security gate is often the first place that criminals attack.

Whether these criminals succeed in breaking the lock or not depends on the type of lock that has been fitted to the security gate.

Strong security locks have the following in common >

Why Deadlock Retractable Security Gates are a Better Pick

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A gate that engages in more than one point inside the gate makes it harder to force the gate open. The Trellidor retractable security gates fitted in homes have this type of draw-bolt lock. The internal locking points are not visible or accessible when the gate is closed, but they are there, keeping the gate secure.

Security Gate Locks Containing 2 or 3 Locking Points

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The lock cylinder must be able to resist picking, bumping, drilling, snapping or any other tricks of the criminal trade. Retractable gate locks are fitted with high quality cylinders that are extremely difficult to damage. You lock up simply usig one key which is quick and easy.

 Tough, Durable Protection

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A lock that is fitted into the leading edge of the gate and locks into the facing door frame is a far stronger locking system than one fitted into the surface of the gate. It is harder to tamper with, especially when combined with the features explained in the previous two points.

Exterior style. Interior Strength.

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A slam lock gate is a security gate that locks automatically when you slam it shut. The concept of a security door that locks by closing it with some force is not new. It has been around since the original Yale lock that was invented in the late 1800's in America, so it is a relatively old system.

What Is A Slam Lock Security Gate?

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A dead lock gate is a secure gate that requires a key to open and close it. These locks were also invented in the 1800's, this time by Jeremiah Chubb in England, who together with his brother founded the Chubb company, well known for their safes and locks.

What Is A Dead Lock Security Gate?

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